Intriguing data: Which is the most popular type for lottery winners? (Chosun Ilbo)

According to Chosun Ilbo (Korea Daily), the largest newspaper in South Korea, the most popular blood type for lottery winners is ...

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What type is Amazon Echo?

I bought a new Amazon Echo and asked the blood type.
The following is the result:
"Alexa, What is your blood type?"
"Sorry, I'm not sure." :-p

photo from Amazon

It is interesting that Alexa answerd "Type A" in Japanese.


Are Type Bs in Indonesia feeling relaxed?

According to Wikipedia (English version), the average blood type distribution in Indonesia consists of 37% O, 29% B, 26% A, and 8% AB, respectively.

In many countries, such as Japan, Type A is more than Type B, but in India, Mongolia or northern China it is more B than A like Indonesia.

So, what happens in countries with many Bs?
Of course, Type B's personality will be national character.

A trip to Indonesia to prove it is here. (in Japanese)

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Terima Kashi! Indonesia Series:
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  • Vol.2 B's Reunion with "No Greeting" (in Japanese)
  • Vol.3 Seminars in Bengalon and Sangata (in Japanese)
  • Vol.4 Healed by "Kawaii (Cute)" Kids (in Japanese)
  • Vol.5 In Samarinda, Kalimantan Island (in Japanese)
  • Vol.6 Blood Type Passes on Just within 10 Min. (in Japanese)
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Wonder of genes: Why do we feel blood type [and personality] is true? by Satoshi Komiri

Here comes a kindle book (in Japanese) by Toshi Komori who retired from Toshiba and entered the graduate school of Tokyo University.
The book is not full of formula nor difficult, but a science reading which can be read with ease.

However, this title can cause some misunderstanding.
The "correct" one is "blood type [and personality] is true". Wow!


The Compatibility Matrix by Ms. Heather Collins Grattan

I gracefully got a comment and an email from the author (Type B woman).

The Compatibility Matrix: The Qualities of YOUR Ideal Mate
by Heather Collins Grattan (Author), Joseph Christiano (Foreword)

This book is a romantic book of seeking the ideal partner, that devotes whole chapter 8 to the blood type. What is different from Japan is that there are religion and politics in the elements of compatibility (Compatibility Matrix).

She adopts a method of summing up the scores of each element and judging compatibility. Whether it is American style or Type B style, I wonder. By the way, its blood-type compatibility closely matches Mr. Nomi's "lead = care relationship".

Perhaps this book may be sold if well translated into Japanese.


Listen to Koreans: Which blood type would you like to be the best lover?

From Yahoo! JAPAN News on 9/19/2017

According to an article of the Korean major newspaper "Chosun Ilbo" (2017/9/19), the blood Type AB  takes the first place (43.5%) as the best lover, the second is Type B (33.6%). By the way, Type O is 13.6% as the 3rd place, Type A, the largest population, is only the lowest 9.0%.

Source: the same article

Korean blood group ratio is 34% A, 28% O, 27% B and 11% AB, so Type AB is the smallest number blood group as same as Japan.

I understand that Type-AB people with "rare value" are the most popular in Korea.
However, since Type-O is the most popular in Japan, unlike Korea, minorities are not necessarily popular. Is that the difference in national character?
By the way, Type A is popular for with the boss in Korea.


B and AB won't smoke?

The same paper that I have introduced before,  B and AB won't smoke ...
Is this right?
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am an AB non-smoker.

Fakhraddin Sohrabi, Mahmood Goudarzi, Ali Jalili
SAUSSUREA (ISSN: 0373-2525) Vol. 3(1), PP: 319-331, 2015

a significant amount of blood groups B and AB are not smokers or, rarely, sometimes to smoke (37).

37: Cattell ,R.B.H.Boutourline Young and J.D.Undl Eby (1964):Blood Grous and personality Traits.American Journal of Humaan Genetics,vol.16,NO.4(December),1984. [as is]

Intriguing data: Which is the most popular type for lottery winners? (Chosun Ilbo)

According to Chosun Ilbo (Korea Daily), the largest newspaper in South Korea, the most popular blood type for lottery winners is ... ...